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CASTRO, M. C.; BAEZA, A.; CODEÇO, C. T.; CUCUNUBÁ, Z. M.; DAL'ASTA, A. P.; LEO, G. A.; DOBSON, A. P.; CARRASCO-ESCOBAR, G.; LANA, R. M.; LOWE, R.; MONTEIRO, A. M. V.; PASCUAL, M.; SANTOS-VEGA, M. Development, environmental degradation, and disease spread in the Brazilian Amazon. Plos Biology, v. 17, n. 11, p. e3000526, 2019. DOI: <10.1371/journal.pbio.3000526>. Available from: <>.

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... as proposed by Castro et al. (2019).
... may be found in the literature (CASTRO et al., 2019).