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             abstract = "Alternative low-cost carbon and nutrient sources, as 
                         agro-industrial by-products, are essential for a feasible 
                         industrialization of microbial oils production. Here, soybean 
                         molasses was evaluated as a low-cost substrate for Mucor 
                         circinelloides URM 4182 growth and lipid accumulation. Three 
                         culture media based in soybean molasses were analyzed, including 
                         the utilization of synthetic growth factors and corn steep liquor 
                         as added nutrients. Robust biomass growth (up to 9.6 g L-1 ) and 
                         satisfactory lipid content (18-26 wt.%) were obtained for all 
                         tested media, although addition of extra nutrients did not 
                         represent a valuable strategy to increase lipid productivity. 
                         Fatty acid profile showed major composition of palmitic acid 
                         (C16:0) and suitable characteristics for biofuel and nutraceutical 
                         applications. Results indicated soybean molasses is a promising 
                         alternative low-cost carbon and nutrient sources for microbial oil 
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