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             abstract = "The microwave reflection properties through the S-parameters were 
                         measured in wave guide in the frequency range 8.2-12.4GHz. For the 
                         same concentration of carbonyl iron 40 wt. % with different 
                         thicknesses were tested. Results show that the thickness of 
                         material varying from 1mm to 3mm had no significant effect on 
                         either the permittivity or permeability. However, the measured 
                         reflectivity tends to decrease at frequencies higher than 12.4GHz 
                         as sample thickness increases. Thus, for a sample with 9.78 mm 
                         thickness, the measured attenuation peak was around 9.5GHz with 
                         -15dB of reflectivity. At the same reflectivity of -15dB obtained 
                         from the permittivity and permeability of sample thickness 1mm, 
                         the difference between the measured and the calculated (10,5GHz) 
                         frequency values is about of 1GHz.",
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